About [geodesign]

Our Mission-

"Envision the possibilities... go ahead and take the final step to realizing your dreams."

The mission of our design company is to provide our clients with cost effective solutions for their individual design needs. We believe that everyone has a vision of design. It is our goal to make your vision a reality: with passion, creativity, understanding and knowledge.



Our Philosophy -

We consider all design request and believe that no job is too small for a creative and professional approach. We want to know you, so that we can  present your business ethics and ideas  to your target audience, successfully. We offer original, fast, affordable, user- freindly designs that will pull your clients in and keep them.  


George Hopson,  [ geodesign ] Founder and Creative Director  [pictured]

George has over 17 years experience with illustration, graphic and web design and publication layout.  While serving in the United States Navy, he earned a Bachelor degree in Art History with Rogers State University and continued his studies overseas.

George has an unique talent for utilizing color in his designs. His aesthetic demeanor is accentuated by his belief in humanistic values, which imply that everyone in society can create and contribute with confidence and self expression.


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